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【Congratulation】 The Honor Roll of Outstanding Paper Contest of Symposium On Tropical Forest Ecology

update date : 2020-12-07

Congratulations to the following four students for participating in the outstanding paper contest of symposium on tropical forest ecology and their papers have been appraised as the best paper award. They have won scholarships and certificates here.


l   學生Student:  方彥涵 

l   論文題目Paper Topic: Investigate the evolutionary patterns of pulvinus-expressed genes on rapid movement of Mimosa leaves by comparative genomics

l   指導教授Thesis Advisor: 黃兆立 老師





l   學生Student:  潘明啟

l   論文題目Topic:The role of the SPT- and HEC-like genes during carpel development in Phalaenopsis aphrodite

l   指導教授Thesis Advisor: 蔡文杰 老師





l   學生Student:  陳輿碩

l   論文題目Topic:Klebsiella aerogenes Volatile Compounds Induction and Priming of Plant Defenses to Improve the Copper Stress Tolerance in Arabidopsis

l   指導教授Thesis Advisor: 黃浩仁 老師





l   學生Student:  Thach-Thao Ly

l   論文題目Topic:Microbial volatiles protect rice (Oryza sativa) seedlings against damage from copper toxicity

l   指導教授Thesis Advisor: 黃浩仁 老師

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