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【Congratulation】 The Honor Roll of Outstanding Paper Contest of 2021 Symposium On Interaction of Crop and Environment

update date : 2022-08-31

Congratulations to the following four students for participating in the outstanding paper contest of  2021 Symposium On Interaction of Crop and Environment and their papers have been appraised as the best paper award.

They have won scholarships and certificates here.


l   學生Student:  黃品瑞 

l   論文題目Paper Topic: Sulfate transporter SMT15 regulate cell-size through modulating glutathione homeostasis

l   指導教授Thesis Advisor: 方素瓊 老師


l   學生Student:  王柏喻、拉瓦告.沙里馬勞

l   論文題目Topic:Functional study of R2R3MYB 54 in Solanum lycopersicum under heat stress during early stage of flower development

l   指導教授Thesis Advisor: 李瑞花 老師



l   學生Student:  劉欣妮

l   論文題目Topic:Inspecting needle decomposition and the associated microbiome between two Pinus subgenera inhabiting contrasting fire regimes.

l   指導教授Thesis Advisor: 黃兆立 老師


l   學生Student:  柯佳穎

l   論文題目Topic:Genetic variation in transposable element expression responses to abiotic stress in cauliflower.

l   指導教授Thesis Advisor: 林耀正 老師


l   學生Student:  Muhammad Fito Bayubaskar

l   論文題目Topic:Volatile compounds derived from Piriformospora indica cultured on various mediums affect Arabidopsis growth in a different extent

l   指導教授Thesis Advisor: 詹明才 老師


l   學生Student:  李宗彥

l   論文題目Topic:Deciphering the composition of endophytic rhizobia in three sympatric Mimosa plants

l   指導教授Thesis Advisor: 黃兆立 老師

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