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【Congratulation】2022 Research Day of ITPM - Oral Competition Winners

update date : 2023-05-26

      We are delighted to announce the following students who have emerged victorious in the 2022  Research Day of ITPM 5 Mins Thesis Oral Competition:


🥇First Place:

  • Student:   歐倢安
  • Topic:Smell from endophytes: Bacterial volatiles that affect plant and fungal grown
  • Thesis Advisor:  Prof. Hao-Jen Huang
  • Thesis Co-Advisor: Prof. Chi-Chou Chiu


🥈Second Place:

  • Student:  黃品瑞
  • Topic:Chlamydomonas sulfate transporter SMT15 regulate cell-size through modulating glutathione homeostasis
  • Thesis Advisor: Prof. Su-Chiung Fang
  • Thesis Co-Advisor: Prof. Chi-Chou Chiu


🥉Third Place:

  • Student:  李宗彥
  • Topic:Recovery of rhizobial genomes directly from hologenome of Mimosa pigra using nanopore sequencing
  • Thesis Advisor: Prof. Chao-Li Huang


Congratulations to the above-mentioned students for their outstanding performance in the competition.🎉

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